Finding Our Voice.

What a strange thing to not be who we truly are.

As I look back through my Life, like so many of us who have gone through this system, most of us were rewarded when we behaved, did what we were told, stayed quiet and repeated things those in authority told us to believe. All the while suppressing what we actually thought or felt. Denying who we are and our own imagination, not even realizing we were simply internalizing someone else’s version of “us” and what the world can be. The system was stacked against us (and clearly still is) as we carry these same ideas into adulthood.

But I believe truth can only be suppressed for so long. All of our personal stories and experiences and traumas are resurfacing, generations of ancient knowledge being breathed new Life so they can be heard and echoed by others. We can see it everywhere with rising protests, social causes, art, music, podcasts, and all the other ways we are attempting self-expression. This is why censorship within the system is rampant right now, because once these stories get told, they can’t be unheard. Once we start getting used to hearing our actual voices again, there’s no going back. Ideas and knowledge and information are what give us more Power, so long as we learn how to direct them properly and to use them with respect. Our voices are then what amplify this Power.

It’s taken me a lot of work to get to where I am now, to unravel all the layers of programming society has uploaded into me. I’m still not even close to there yet (and will always be in a state of Becoming), but slowly, slowly I’m getting more used to Being in my own skin. And I see others starting to feel the same, their voices also rising. Though now we just have to learn not to direct it at each other, but rather focus our attention to the system itself. To harmonize our voices together in unity, because deep down, I think everyone just wants the same thing: to be our true Self in a society that’s trying to force us to be otherwise.

The catch however, is that in order to have a voice, we have to allow everybody to have one, even if we don’t agree with what is being said. Censorship and “canceling” isn’t the answer, but rather a learning how to communicate more effectively. A maturation process to find common ground and understanding within (seemingly) separate ideas. There is a lot of healing and unlearning to do, bridges to be built and mended, but it’s already started. We just need to keep doing the work of finding the truth within ourselves and let our minds stay open, because a lot of what we think we know, may not be what it seems 💫



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