The thinking mind is what steers the ship, but it’s our Heart that holds the map.

There is an innate wisdom the body holds that can’t be explained through logic. Call it intuition, faith, God, the Universe, it doesn’t really matter as long as we learn to listen to it.

Logic without feeling can be cold and impersonal, while emotion without logic can be confusing and chaotic. I believe there needs to be a bridge between the two, a conversation mind & body where both are able to be speak lead us to a deeper sense of understanding. This is what I hope to provide to you.

Finding Balance in Uncertain Times.

The world is changing, which means we also have to change with it and find new ways of understanding. But it’s also moving faster than ever, which doesn’t allow us to slow down, to soften and relax our nervous systems so that we’re able to truly ground and find balance. My goal is to try to create an environment of calmness for you to explore your Self in. The importance of having a safe, supportive space cannot be overstated, so that you can feel safe enough in your body to come back to your Heart. Slowly, and gently. Survival mode isn’t conducive to healing after all, so let’s just take a deep breath together.

Supporting you through emotional, physical and spiritual transformation.

What we eat, what we fill our minds with, the environment we live in, the work we do, our emotional states, as well as a myriad of other factors contribute to optimal health, not just one. So as someone who is infinitely curious, I try to remain as open as possible when it comes to health and the human experience. There are so many ways up the mountain, as well as no short cuts, or one-size-fits-all solutions, so we just need to find the route that works best for you. In times of transition, it can be helpful to have someone support you through the process. To offer tools or guidance, but also to listen and make you feel like you aren’t alone. At the end of the day, I believe we’re all just looking for Connection, so I hope I’m able to open that door for you.

My name is Gordon Caldwell.

I’m a holistic nutritionist (RHN, BA) with a passion for guiding people towards their own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual good health. Through my own curiosity during the last 10 years, the perspectives I’ve gained on Life are incredibly varied, giving me lots of different tools and information to pull from. My own poor digestive health and quarter-life crisis is what led me to exploring what it means for me to be Human, opening up a whole other way of relating to my health and body. My original foundation is food and lifestyle, but I’ve also acquired various other tools like breath work, astrology, numerology, the chakra system, energy work, somatic experiencing, nature therapy, music, writing and philosophy to round out my understanding. I try to stay as open-minded as possible, always willing to learn something new!

My hope is to encourage mutual connection, trust and compassion, as this will be a cooperative relationship, where we work together on your health and wellness. I believe we should both feel a genuine connection in order to work together, so if any of this resonates or if you would like to speak to me more, please feel free to reach out!

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