What We Resist, Persists.

Jordan River, Vancouver Island (2019)

If we’re feeling an emotion, but not allowing ourselves to express it, that energy will only build in our body over time. We can try to suppress it, analyze it, or busy ourselves in order to distract from it, but until we actually face it and release that energy, we’ll never be rid of it.

Emotions just want to be felt to completion. They’re messengers that often tell us that something is wrong or needs to change. They let us know how we’re –actually– being affected by a certain circumstance, whether we want to consciously admit it or not.

Because facing some of these emotions can be difficult, since by doing so, we are then in a sense admitting to ourselves that we’ve been denying them. Or on a larger scale, that we’re been living in a way that isn’t actually right for us or true to who we are, which will then require a change. And our suppression can simply be an attempt to delay this change.

But regardless of whether we admit it or not, this change will happen eventually because that’s what Life does. So we might as well learn to swim along with its currents, to gently ebb and flow as these emotions come up, rather than trying to suppress or deny the waves, which will only cause the crashing to become more intense.

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