A Return to Stillness in a Busy World

As I’ve learned how to settle my own nervous system, the modern world has started to feel even louder, faster and increasingly disconnected.

It feels lost, yet in a hurry to get somewhere; a destination without having any direction or purpose of where it’s going. The sense that as long as we keep busy, eventually we’ll get to where we need to go.

…But will we?

Personally, the more I’ve slowed down, giving more space for stillness and deep breathing, the better I’m able to hear my Self. The chaos of the world can feel unsettling, an undercurrent that can often pull us further away from our own inner voice, which is the compass that will help to guide us in the right direction for our own Life. But unless we learn to slow down long enough to listen, we may keep getting even more lost or off course.

Periods of self-reflection and stillness away from external stimulation can give our nervous systems a chance to actually settle, allowing them to reconnect to their own natural rhythm and direction, rather than getting swept up in the pace of society and its expectations.

As the saying goes, “Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” (Lao Tzu)

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