Rising Higher

Yesterday on my lunch break, I found myself lost in thought (as I tend to do) while lying in the grass under a tree.

I was starting to get stuck in a loop circling around ideas and potential futures of where the world is going and what this may require of me, and as I begin to realize I’m entertaining these thoughts for too long, I hear seagulls causing a ruckus around me. So I open my eyes to see what the noise is about and filtered through the branches of the tree, I get a glimpse of an Eagle literally circling right above me.

I smile as I watch it glide on the breeze because I immediately know what it’s trying to tell me: I need to rise above it all.

I remember hearing that when Eagles are being pestered or attacked, instead of fighting back, they often just soar higher knowing that eventually the other birds will fall away at higher altitudes. And as this particular Eagle gets higher and higher in the sky, that is exactly what happened.I’m starting to realize that when we’re able to rise above some of the small fights, the pestering thoughts and feelings, it can help to give us a clearer and more expansive view on situations (and Life in general). We don’t waste energy on hypothetical scenarios or what everyone else is doing or on all of the things we can’t even change, because that way we can actually maintain our own focus. An Eagle doesn’t get lost in the fight because it knows its value and what it’s capable of, so it doesn’t worry itself with it all. It rises above the fray.

And so as the Eagle I’m watching keeps rising until it’s finally out of view, I thank it for reminder and then close my eyes again to better thoughts.

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