2020: The year of clearer vision

This last year has given us quite literally, 2020 vision: The opportunity to see our lives more clearly.

It seems like everything we’ve been avoiding paying attention to has bubbled up to the surface for us to look at this year. It’s been one big collective yard sale, with all of our junk being displayed front and centre, with a lot of us not liking what we see (about our own lives, as well as society as a whole). Some of our emotions, fears and traumas once suppressed and hidden under the surface have been revealed. In a lot of cases, this has unfortunately been projected onto others in the form of hate, anger and judgment, leading to even more fear and disconnection. On a collective level, we’ve also been given a better look at all of the government / corporate corruption, greed, power, and flaws in our systems. It’s become glaringly obvious that the emperor now wears no clothes, yet some still refuse to acknowledge this fact. Our systems are broken, but now the cracks are really starting to show. If there’s one truthful thing I’ve heard this year, it’s that there really is no going back to “normal”, so now our task is to envision something better for ourselves.

I don’t believe this last year was one where we were supposed to know exactly what’s going on or what it all means. It was simply a year that gave us the clay we can then use to shape and construct something new and different for ourselves in 2021. Because in light of everything we’ve seen and experienced this year, we need to keep this question in mind as we move through the coming year: what direction do we want to go in now? Do we keep traveling along the same beaten path, doubling down on the systems and beliefs and ways of living that have created this fear, division and imbalance in the first place? Or do we forge a new path, one that encourages more compassion, empathy, love and connection? One that highlights all of our shared Humanity.

As much as change can come from fighting the old, I’ve personally chosen to focus on creating the new. To ask myself, how do I want to show up in the world? What are my gifts that I have to offer others, and what do I actually value? My answer always seems to come back to Love. And as much as we like to believe we just need a new government, new ‘policies’ or a new system for things to get better, I believe big changes will need to come from an individual level. Our actions reverberate outward. So we need to grow ourselves from the inside out, investing in our own personal healing, with the seeds being watered by all of the suppressed emotion we need to release. This will help to lighten the weight we’ve all been carrying, so that our own unique gifts can bloom more authentically, allowing others to do the same. It’s the small changes that can then lead to something big.

I feel it’s time now for more self-care, more self-responsibility, and more self-love this year. It’s what we desperately need an abundance of in 2021 (and beyond), so let’s leave some of the old energy behind us and focus our attention on creating the kind of world we want to live in instead, which starts with us becoming more loving and compassionate as individuals. This is what I believe will help us to move forward in a better direction.

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