Slow Down. Breathe.

There’s an awareness that comes from slowing down.

Much like the difference between driving through a neighbourhood and walking: when moving at a slower pace, we pick up on more of the details. The finer, more subtle points that go unnoticed when driving quickly past.

There comes a deeper understanding and connection to the environment that can’t be felt unless we slow down enough to experience it. The same can be said about the breath. When we slow down and breathe more consciously, focusing on all of the subtle sensations and movements within the body, we start to become more familiar with it. We begin to notice tightness, tingling, pulsating and warmth, as well as all of the knots and tangles, which is how it tries to speak to us.

We also notice all of the parts where our breath cannot reach, where there are no sensations to listen to. So we must learn to breathe life into those areas as well, so that the entire body can then communicate with itself through our nervous system. And once we understand this language ourselves, we can then start to communicate and work with it too.

The breath brings us that awareness, we just need to slow down long enough to pay attention and listen to what it’s saying.

3 Comments on “Slow Down. Breathe.

  1. This awareness thing has come to me later in life. I wonder where on earth I have been – living only inside my head. I am grateful now I live in my whole body.


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