We Fear Nature Because We Fear Ourselves.

Tree Lungs

I believe that our modern society has a complicated relationship with nature, especially when it comes to our health.

When we get sick, we blame nature for it, pointing fingers at invisible enemies outside of ourselves that are trying to kill us. But through my experience and perspective, I think this just highlights the idea that we (consciously or not), view nature as evil; as something to be feared and controlled.

But nature is all about balance. It doesn’t take sides or play favourites. Just look at all of the complicated systems that are involved in keeping the earth operating properly (watch “One Strange Rock” on Netflix if you want an idea). We are part of that system, and yet we often believe that we can control it, that we are outside of it somehow so we can live however we want without consequence. Whether we consciously realize it or not, our bodies have evolved alongside nature, which means that our actions and how we interact within this natural system (or even the emotions we feel in our inner world) can then cause an imbalance within our own bodily systems as well (“As above, So below”). And looking at the rise of health issues, anxiety, depression, I feel like we’ve been resisting this idea for a while. But nature always has a counter measure in order to bring things back into balance: illness and dis-ease.

So do I think viruses are evil? Not really, no. I believe that we’re susceptible to this specific virus because we ourselves are out of balance, which is why it’s spreading so fast. If you look into Traditional Chinese Medicine, they see the body as an energetic system, which is connected to the greater universal energy system. They don’t view disease and illness the way western medicine does. They see it as an imbalance that needs to be restored, while we tend to see it as an “attack” by the outside world and something that we need to “fight”. Again: control, resistance, separation, fear.

In TCM they view the lungs as the organ where we store sadness and grief, while (oddly enough), this virus is apparently most aggressive to the lungs / respiratory system. Coincidence? Or is this virus just highlighting the collective need to release our unexpressed grief? To move that stored energy out of the body so that our systems can get back into balance (isn’t that what the purpose of coughing is? To move energy out of the body through our breath?). But those whom are dying or more susceptible to this virus, perhaps they are the ones with the most grief needing to be released (or have pre-existing / compounding health issues), which can (unfortunately) overwhelm their system causing death. Some have a whole lifetime of stored pain and grief, which is potentially one of the reasons why some older people are also more susceptible (a lot of them lived through the war, after all).

I also believe we fear this virus, because we subconsciously fear ourselves. We fear death and our own immortality, the great unknown. We don’t feel safe in this world, or even within ourselves. And seeing the knee-jerk reaction of a lot of people, going into complete panic buying all of the toilet paper they can find, shows just how deeply rooted these feelings go. Not to say we shouldn’t try to stop the spread of it, or that controlling the physical symptoms with medicine is a bad idea because clearly it is a serious problem for a lot of people, but I’m just trying to give a different perspective, where perhaps we just have the wrong view of WHY it is so dangerous for some people and what we need to do to get ourselves back into balance. And part of that involves what we’ve been seeing from a lot of people during this time: the outpouring of love and connection and kindness being spread throughout the world even amongst the fear and panic. People are checking in on friends and family, they’re taking care of one another, they’re reaching out and connecting to neighbours. That is what we need more of to heal! And perhaps that is also what this virus is showing us: what truly matters.

I just think there is so much we still don’t know about our own health, how the body works and where we fit into the big picture, so it’s important to keep an open mind. Modern medicine has only been around for 100+ years or so, after all… We still have a lot to learn. And this virus could be a catalyst for a lot of collective growth, as long as we’re open to it.

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