Softness is a Superpower.

A little something I wrote, which was inspired by a quote I love:

“Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.” – Iain Thomas

(I only just recently found out that this wasn’t by Kurt Vonnegut 😞)


Softness Superpower
Softness is your Superpower

The world may have caused you to put up walls in order to protect yourself
But you weren’t meant to be hard.

You just feel life deeper than most do.

You feel love.
You feel connection.
You feel everything.

Because your softness is what you are here to experience and share.

Softness is your super power.

It allows others to feel safe around you, so that they can be vulnerable.
It opens up others to their own soft places that they’ve paved over in an attempt to stop themselves from feeling anything.

So you must fight for your softness.

Don’t numb yourself with distractions like a lot of people choose to do or dam your emotions up in fear of overwhelming others.

Because yes, feelings can hurt.
Feelings can be scary.
Feelings can be overwhelming (for yourself and for others).

But feelings are also what make you feel alive.
They are what connect you more deeply to the energies of the universe.
They ARE the energies of the universe flowing through you.

And let it be known: softness should not be confused for weakness.

Softness does not mean you allow others to take advantage of you or to not speak up in the face of adversity.

It means keeping your heart open and speaking your truth in spite of all the reasons why you should close down. This takes an immense amount of courage.

Never underestimate the power and strength in softness.

Sure, you can always learn to manage your emotions.
To not end up like a puddle on the floor every time something moves you.

But don’t try to turn the energy off that flows through you.

Instead, learn to channel your emotion into whatever it is you love:
Your relationships and connections.
Your art and creativity.
Your love & compassion for yourself and others.

Let your softness flow into those closest to you so that they may feel connected to the same parts within themselves. Give them the permission to feel emotions that they haven’t allowed themselves to feel.

Because when you speak, you speak from a place of love and vulnerability, which quietly commands the ears of those who listen.

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