Strength in Surrender

There is strength in surrendering to Life by allowing it to just unfold as it will. To letting go of our need to control and the expectations of how we think it “should” be.

Strength in surrendering to what we’re actually feeling and allowing that vulnerability to connect us more deeply to our Self and to others. By finally letting go of those heavy burdens we’ve been carrying around so that we can feel what it’s like to breathe deeply again.

Strength in surrendering to our true Self, by letting our individual light shine rather than keeping it hidden underneath the masks and costumes that we clothe ourselves in. To allow ourselves to embrace every part of our Being without worrying what other people might think.

Strength in surrendering to Love by learning to connect more deeply and letting in the absolute beauty that Life provides. Allowing ourselves to be swept away by the wonder of where we are, getting lost in the magic of what it means to be alive.

Strength in surrendering our need to “know” or understand, and instead learning to embrace uncertainty. The unknown. Life is a series of doorways, not knowing what’s inside until we step through the threshold. Trust that what we need will be there, even if it might not look the way we think it should.

The universe has a plan, so by learning to surrender to it, we then allow Life to live THROUGH us, floating with the current rather than fighting against it. We might not be able to see where it’s going, but if we just relax and surrender to the journey, we eventually get to where we need to go. Wherever that is.

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