When Your Heart Talks, Don’t Talk Back.

2013-02-27 11.43.28
Little house on the California Coast (2013)

When your heart talks, don’t talk back. You cannot pretend that your mind knows better; to try to explain or rationalize a feeling out of existence.

There is an inherent knowledge stored within your heart, an absolute truth of who you are at your core, but in order to hear it, you must learn to quiet the endless wall of noise created by fear, doubt, guilt, expectation and anger. You must not mindlessly distract yourself with things that only serve to divert you from your true purpose. You must instead be courageous in your exploration of your inner world, to delve into the darkness and shed light on the parts of yourself that need attention.

Only then can you bring them to the surface to let them shine for the entire world to see.

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