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A Reminder:

Despite what the state of the world looks like right now, it’s still a beautiful place. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, nature is slowly starting to bloom and there’s joy to be found everywhere if you know how to see it.… Continue Reading “A Reminder:”

Generational Trauma – History is Alive Within Us

History isn’t just something “Back then”. It’s something right now, Alive in our own cells, Programmed and labeled As culture and personality. The struggles of old, The weight too heavy to carry, Passed along through generations In hopes that the next Will be able… Continue Reading “Generational Trauma – History is Alive Within Us”

Strength in Surrender

There is strength in surrendering to Life by allowing it to just unfold as it will. To letting go of our need to control and the expectations of how we think it “should” be. Strength in surrendering to what we’re actually feeling and allowing… Continue Reading “Strength in Surrender”

The Story of the Elephant

I was reminded today of a story I read a while ago about a child that was brought to the zoo, where he saw an elephant tied to a stake. He asks the animal trainer, “why doesn’t the elephant just use its size to… Continue Reading “The Story of the Elephant”

What does it mean to live a successful life?

Last night, I imagined myself as an old man, asking whether or not I had lived a successful Life, and this is what immediately came to mind: Did I Love as much as I could? Did I help people to the best of my… Continue Reading “What does it mean to live a successful life?”

Build Your Own Home.

Think of your subconscious mind as a house, made up of your beliefs, personality traits, habits, and who you imagine yourself to “be”. When we’re younger, the materials we’re given to build ourselves are provided by our parents, teachers and other people in our… Continue Reading “Build Your Own Home.”

We’re Sabotaging Our Own Happiness.

When it comes down to it, we are often the one that is holding ourselves back.