Feel Your Fears (part 2)

Fear is a curious thing.

When we feel like we’re being threatened, or pushed to our limits, we can take extreme measures to try to protect ourselves. And the threat doesn’t necessarily even have to be real, just perceived that way. Someone may simply be reaching out a hand to help, but when we’re in a fearful state, the nervous system is on hyper alert which can cause an emotional reaction out of protection.

But in these situations of fear, it’s important to learn how to breathe, to bring ourselves back to equilibrium so that we don’t just project our fear outward onto others, potentially causing more harm, especially to those who may only be trying to help.

Understanding is key when it comes to our fear, as the more we understand, the more we can then work with our feelings rather than react and be controlled by them. Like all emotions, fear isn’t a bad thing, it just gets us to pay attention so that we can feel deeper and get to the root of why we’re reacting the way we are.

Like all emotions, fear is just a messenger, so the more we can learn to sit with and feel it while not getting overwhelmed by it, the more we’ll be able to get through to the other side of whatever we’re afraid of. Because once that energy of fear is released from our body, even just through an imagined experience, it will no longer have the same Power over us, allowing us to move forward.

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