The Human paradox

Being Human
Isn’t a prerequisite
For Humanity.

Having vision
Doesn’t mean we can see.
And hearing these words
Doesn’t mean we will listen.

These legs can choose to either run away,
Or they can walk straight into the Fire
Carrying those who cannot carry themselves.

While these arms can choose to keep Life at a distance,
Or to reach out as wide
As they can in embrace.

Because having a Heart
Doesn’t mean that it’s open.
And having a brain
Doesn’t mean it’s open either.
And neither know the meaning
Of what it truly means to 'Know'.

So the words that we speak
Must be joined at the middle,
For words without Heart
Lack Love and Compassion.
While words without Logic,
Get lost in Emotion.

For to be Human
Is the greatest paradox:
Having to balance the weight of Life
While simultaneously holding onto
The Lightness of Love.


(Gordon Caldwell, 2021)

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