All We Need Is a Spark

Even the smallest spark can lead to the brightest flame.

All it takes is an idea, a flash of inspiration, a glimpse of potential to lead us in a better direction in Life, because if we can’t even see or envision a new way forward, then how will we know where we’re going?

But once we have found a direction, it then requires action in order to get us there. We need to let go of the fear in taking steps towards our vision and trust that it will get us somewhere, even if we can’t see the whole path yet. The light may be small at first, but an ember can eventually turn into a fire if we tend to it, stoke it with more ideas, more inspiration and more visions. This is what will help it to build and grow, illuminating our path forward as we walk.

And this potential is inside of us all the time, an ember sitting in our bellies just waiting to light the way for us. What gets you excited? What do you dream of? What makes you feel alive? Learn to follow that. Boredom and routine stifle inspiration, so it’s up to us to find that spark, which can give us the motivation to move forward in a more fulfilling direction.

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