The relationship between nature & the body

Much like in nature, when we slow down and observe an environment long enough, we begin to notice the subtle nuances that we never saw or experienced before. By visiting the same place day after day, we start to become a part of it, rather than just a visitor.

Where others may simply just see trees, or plants, or rocks, by fully submersing ourselves in the experience of our surroundings, with all the textures and sounds and smells and sensations, we notice that it becomes much more alive. It is a complete, living ecosystem of birds, bugs, animals, flora, fauna and fungus all providing their own individual energy in order to support the whole.

And by allowing ourselves to slow down and take all of this in, to become a part of it, the subtle systems and inner-workings that normally go unnoticed, make themselves apparent, which is when we begin to truly appreciate and value the complexity and intelligence of what nature actually is. We start to develop a deeper understanding of and Love for the natural world, realizing that we are not a PART of it, but rather OF it.

Which is where our bodies come in. On the surface, we are simply a physical being, much like the rocks and trees. Just a bag of bones and organs, but if we slow down and bring our attention more inward, we’ll realize that there is a whole other world going on inside of us, just below our conscious awareness. A world of sensation and feeling and texture and space. Individual energies all contributing to the whole.

And by learning to tap into this environment, we can gain a much deeper understanding of what the body is and how it works. It isn’t just a series of isolated parts, joined together by blood and veins, but rather a complex system, interconnected and interdependent. An ebbing and flowing of energy, moving and pulsating in communication with itself and the outside environment. That same pulse which reverberates through all living things on this planet.

For most, this idea is completely foreign. The inner-environment a wild and unknown place that only experts and other people can explain or know thoroughly. But perhaps we just need to start exploring it more for ourselves. To not get stuck on the scientific names and systems, but instead learn what it FEELS like, paying attention to all of its subtle sensations: the breath coming in and out, the tension in our muscles, the slight tingling or pulsing, or various temperature changes, and how they are all in relationship with each other… This is the language of the body, which is what we must learn for ourselves if we’re to develop a deeper relationship with our own.

No one can know our bodies better than us, since we are the ones actually living in them. We just haven’t been paying enough attention to them or learned how to listen properly (or that they were even something we should be listening to). So perhaps it’s time we start to explore our inner environments now, becoming familiar with the terrain and reconnecting with our own nature, so that we can get back into balance with Life again. That’s all our bodies want from us.

4 Comments on “The relationship between nature & the body

    • You’re very welcome! I feel like it’s a never-ending journey, since there’s always a way to go deeper into our connection with nature and the body.. And man is it ever an interesting one! Haha 😛


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