Love & Fear.

If you only focus on fear, that’s what you’ll expand.

You’ll saturate your environment with it.
You’ll infiltrate your friends and families with it.
It will all consume you.

And is that the kind of world you want to live in?
One ruled by fear?

So instead of projecting your fear outward, try turning it back inward instead.

Feel into your fears and see what they tell you, because it may not be what you think.

Are you actually fearing death?
Fearing a life un-lived?
Fearing loss?
The unknown?
A lack of control?

Really FEEL it, submerse yourself in it and once you hit upon that trigger point, that tender spot at the centre of your fear, let it all out. Cleanse yourself of that energy and release it out of your body. Feelings can’t hurt you but keeping them all in can, so let them all go.

And then breathe.

When it all starts to settle again, bring your focus back to Love. Because in the presence of Love, fear cannot exist, much like we cannot feel Love if we are fearful.

I don’t believe hate is the opposite of Love, fear is. But fear is simply a guide that can help lead us towards the reasons why we’re blocking or denying Love, why we arent letting it in (or out). It is the rock that can shatter our heart back to Life, to allow the light back in where the dark has taken up residence.

So don’t be afraid of your fear and instead learn to listen to it. I mean, really listen to what it’s trying to tell you. FEEL it, because it is simply a messenger that, if you are brave enough to follow, will lead you closer back to yourself.

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