Perspective is Everything.

Perspective 6 and 9What if we allowed our minds to remain open to different perspectives?

Or at least entertained the idea that our perspective isn’t the only right one? What would happen?

Our perspective is simply the way that we choose to see life. We base this on our own past experiences, which then creates the lens we view our lives through. And since everyone has had a different experience of life, there is an entire sea of possible perspectives…

Our entire society is actually based on perspective. Different political parties, different solutions to problems, different thoughts and ideas on various social issues…. Companies trying to market their perspective so that you see their product in a certain light… Everyone is always trying to change the way we view life. We even fight and hate based on our own personal views, which shows just how much power they can have over people.

Perspective is also why we’re able to have a drastically different experience than someone else who’s living the same event… Which I believe is what is happening at the moment.

As someone kind of in the middle of physical reality and spirituality, being grounded but still open minded, I see that each side isn’t really able to bridge the gap between either perspective. One is too caught up in the physical reality of life, only seeing what they can see with their own eyes or feel with their bodies, while the other may choose to deny that completely, believing that the physical realm isn’t actually real. That we need to “rise above” our emotions and physical needs.

So which perspective do I believe is right?
I’d say both.

Because depending on what perspective we personally have, that is the one which is the most real for us. That is the one we’re currently living and have the most experience with, so who’s to say that isn’t real? The fear is real, the panic, the emotions.. The loss of jobs, the struggling for money, the physical pain and discomfort. Those are all things you’re actually experiencing, which shouldn’t be denied.

And to those who see the bigger picture, that this is just a wake up call so we can evolve and grow ourselves more spiritually, that is also a valid perspective. There are certainly so many things coming up for people: fear, worries of survival, of grief, of economic collapse, of death, of the unknown… These can all be invitations to look deeper into our own perspective, so that we can excavate past traumas which we’re simply projecting on to this current reality. They can bring to light some of the suppressed emotions that we’ve been denying ourselves from feeling. We can all use this as a catalyst for growth.

Or… not.

And that is the beauty of perspective. We’re all allowed to have our own. And we are only able to see things differently when we’re ready to, so we can’t force someone to see life from our point of view.

Sure, we can have conversations to perhaps shed light on where we’re coming from, to somehow meet in the middle or invite others to shift their perspective, but we can’t deny someone elses experience because we simply have no idea what brought them to that particular viewpoint.

Personally, I may have a wider view of this whole experience than most, seeing the big picture of where this could possibly lead humanity going forward, but I’m also respectful of other peoples reality. I’m learning to meet them where they are, not pushing or fighting, just offering a glimpse of possibility while still not discrediting their own experience of what’s going on.

But the key point here is, perspective is literally EVERYTHING. If you’re open to changing your perspective, you then give yourself the potential of changing your entire existence because how you view the world is how you will then EXPERIENCE it.

But to do that, I believe that keeping an open mind is absolutely essential. We need to remain open to the idea that we don’t know as much as we think we do, about life as well as ourselves. We need to develop a certain curiosity around the idea of potential and possibility, so that we can see beyond our current level of understanding. That we can appreciate the perspective of others.

But we all have a different timeline of getting there, so whether you agree with this or not, that’s okay. Your perspective is still valid

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