Fact: Everything is Energy.

atom-nucleusWE are energy.

When you think about it, cells are made of atoms, which are then made up of protons, neutrons and electrons.

That’s pure energy.

Our nervous systems are literally energetic impulses coursing through our body, connecting all of our different systems together, resulting in our thoughts, feelings, sensations, etc.

Emotions are just “energy in motion” that simply need to be expressed and to flow through us. So the more we hold on to or deny our emotions, that energy will just become stagnant in the body and affect us in other ways if it isn’t released (disease, illness, depression, anxiety).

Memories are also just energetic imprints within the brain and body, specific nerves and synapses firing and wiring together creating an experience. The strongest experiences being the ones that have an emotional response attached to them, since they then connect both the brain and body together with a particular feeling. So in learning to process past experiences, it’s important to FEEL the energy of the experience (not just intellectualize it) in order to ‘thaw’ and release that built up energy.

Even our thoughts are energy. Thinking a certain thought can cause an energetic response within the body. For example, when we think about giving a speech in front of lots of people, our stomach starts to get uneasy, our hands get sweaty, we feel anxious. The body doesn’t know the difference between an actual experience and an imagined one because it simply responds to the energy we have about each situation. The quality of our thoughts affects the quality of our energy.

I think the fact that we’re made up of mostly water allows this energy to flow through us. Water conducts energy, which is why we also get a shock from touching something metal. Simply put, we are en energetic system capable of holding a charge (sidenote: I also think crying is basically just a release of some of that water / built up energy in order to create energetic balance – which is maybe why our tears are salty? Sodium = an electrolyte. Just a thought).

Since we conduct energy, and energy systems have an energetic field, that also means that we emit a certain frequency out into the world, which can be picked up by others. This is our ‘vibration’, responding to the way we perceive the world (e.g whether we view life through the lens of fear, guilt and shame or through happiness, love and gratitude, etc), also our emotional state, what we put into our body, who we surround ourselves with, our past traumas, etc.

Our society even uses the language of energy, which I don’t think we truly understand. “I have a gut feeling”. “Butterflies in my stomach”. “I just had a hunch”. Our “6th sense”. Our intuition is a feeling, which picks up on the more subtle energies interacting with our own. I think it’s the most intelligent of our senses, so the more we’re able to tap into and trust this feeling, the better guided we will be.

Learning about this energy and viewing the world through this lens, has completely shifted my idea of health and wellness, changing my view of what this “life” really is along with my place in it.

There is an entire universe within each of us, interacting and colliding with other universes. And the systems in our body are the same systems governing the whole entire universe. We are not separate but a part of this system, which means we are guided by these principles whether we believe in them or not.

I feel that the more in tune we become with the energy of our own inner universe, gaining back control of our personal power, the more we’ll be able to effectively understand and heal ourselves. The power is in all of us, we just need to discover it.

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