Choose Your Own Adventure.

aliceinwonderlandIt’s hard not to look back on your life and think about how things could have been different.

If you had only turned left instead of right, spoke instead of remaining quiet, jumped instead of holding yourself back; if you had just answered the door for all of the opportunities that came knocking while you were busy focusing on other things.

Even the people you allowed into your life but let slip away could have held the key to open up completely new opportunities for you; pushed you in directions you had never even considered, into new surroundings, with new people, as a new person.

If you’d only chosen to take some of the risks you then considered not worth taking (or did not have the strength or vision to at the time), who knows where you would have ended up; in a different job, living in a different city, country…

But after all, these are only IF’s and do not represent your current life, the one molded from the decisions that you did, in fact, make. All of those little choices you make accumulate, pushing and pulling you in different directions, zigzagging along endless possible trajectories that eventually lead to the one you’ve currently arrived at. But here’s the thing:

Near Little Qualicum Falls,
Vancouver Island

That is exactly the path that you need to be on, so why worry about what might have been?

We’ve all experienced things that prepare us for what lies ahead, so we are able to recognize and handle what life throws at us. Although there are always unforeseen circumstances, ultimately, we are responsible for the choices that brought us to this point.

But the good news is, that also means we are responsible for how we react to life’s challenges and where we want to go from them.

We have the power to decide whether we will play the innocent victim and view these events as a negative situation that is completely out of our control, or to take a position of power by accepting responsibility for our actions or to see them not as burdens, but as opportunities for growth and self-development.

We can either choose to let these “mistakes” or “missed opportunities” divert our focus away from future happiness or we can choose to accept how things are, forgive our missteps and continue walking along our path. Even if you don’t know where you’re going just yet, opportunities will always present themselves as long as you have your eyes and heart open. We must learn to be

“Happily lost, but oh-so easily found.”  *

Being happy with who you are, where you’re headed and how you got there is essential to not only your emotional and spiritual health, but also your physical well-being. We store these little burdens deep inside ourselves, often unknowingly, which can eat away at our body over time and steal the positive energy that we naturally produce.

We need to come to terms with the trials and tribulations of our past and connect with the person we know we are so we can live a life that is full of passion and purpose. I believe that this is the most powerful secret to a long and healthy life.

We all drift along on the crest of a wave, not knowing where exactly it will take us, but if we make a point to let go of the rope and just keep swimming, despite what is thrown in our direction or what lies in our wake, we’ll eventually get to where we need to be.

So go on. Choose your own adventure.


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