We’re Sabotaging Our Own Happiness.

2013-02-27-11-43-28-copyWhen it comes down to it, we are often the one that is holding ourselves back.

We come up with excuses or reasons why we shouldn’t (or can’t) do something, then over-analyze worst case scenarios of what might happen if we DID do it, that basically only serve to scare us out of ever actually doing it.

In fact, for the last 20 minutes, I’ve been going over all of the reasons why I don’t want to get out of bed and go upstairs to grab my computer so that I can type out this whole article that I’ve already written in my head while trying to get to sleep…

My reasons included:
“I’m tired and need to sleep.” (It was 10:30pm)
“I have lots of stuff to do tomorrow.” (It’s my day off, so not really..)
“I’ll probably just end up forgetting what I wanted to write” (…Clearly I didn’t)
“Even if I did remember, who would want to read my thoughts, anyway?” (you do, apparently <3)
And so on.

We tend to build walls of limitation so we can stay comfortable. Because let’s face it, consistently going out of our comfort zone is hard. Like, really hard. So not even trying is the path of least resistance. The safer route.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it only leads you to places you’ve already been.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blog on and off for literally TWO YEARS, and haven’t done it until now. Which is just craziness! I’ve mostly avoided it due to the fear of putting myself out there, of opening up my inner world to judgment and criticism and leaving myself vulnerable…comfort-zone

BUT now I’m starting to realize that if I don’t do it, then I’m denying myself the opportunity to truly be… Well, myself, I guess. I mean, I don’t always feel like writing, or have even the slightest urge to become a professional writer. Like, at all. But I do know that I sometimes have a really strong desire to express my thoughts, so why should I try to stop it? (“I’m unique, goddamnit!” said everyone, ever.)

But seriously though, when it comes down to it, who even cares?

People will either, a) ignore it completely, b) skim over it, go ‘meh, it’s been said’ and move on with their life, or c) they might actually take something from what I write, potentially changing them in one way or another. ‘Cause ya never know!

But if I don’t even try in the first place, I can already tell you what will happen then.

Nothing. Not a damn thing.

We so often suppress who we really are and fill our daily life doing things we don’t actually want to do, trying to mold ourselves so we can fit in with people we don’t even like, until one day we wake up not knowing who we are and why we’re so damn unhappy.

Our lives are lacking authenticity.

Denying who we are and what we like to do simply due to the fear of criticism, judgment or what other people might think is not only a disservice to ourselves, but to all the people who might gain something from our unique talents, views, personalities, etc. We need to stop playing the role of personal saboteur, get out of our heads and learn how to be completely genuine, despite all the negativity. The world needs us!

In summary: fuck it, do you.


(Also, 3 cheers to pushing personal boundaries! Hip hip.)

8 Comments on “We’re Sabotaging Our Own Happiness.

  1. Getting vulnerable on the interwebs. Love it! Welcome to the blogging community 🙂


  2. Thank You for the smiles, giggles, and moments of ahhhhyeah that’s me too. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and personal challenges. I Love You Gordon.


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